About us

Passion and creativity are my tools

This artist’s statement actually includes everything about me as a professional photographer in a nutshell. Photography is my ultimate tool to fulfill my ideas and thoughts about portraiture and artphotography. Passion and a sincere fascination for people…there is no better merger for a stunning portrait. To quote the great portraitphotographer Yousuf Karsh: “The head and the heart are the true lens of the camera”.

You don’t take pictures, you make them, at both sides of the camera.

Another constant challenge are the alternative processes, which may go back as far as the origin of photography: cyanotypes, gumprints, platinumprints, bromoils, etc. These hand-made processes enable me to create an image, which is truly handcrafted: your choice of paper, the actual choice of process, the refinements, which enable artistic freedom. A freedom which nowadays may easily be confused by: ‘I can do that with my computer as well’. Could be, but that’s not the point. An image crafted in an alternative process is unique…there is only one original. The image is final when I consider it to be final. Every subsequent print will be different, whether you like it or not.. ‘Artistry lies not in the subject, but in the vision’ (Andre Kertesz).

Jacques Verschuren QEP ABIPP